Устные темы для подготовки к обязательному выпускному экзамену по английскому языку, 11 класс, Казючиц Г. Е., 2018.

Пособие состоит из 25 разделов, охватывающих все ситуации общения, представленные в билетах для обязательного выпускного экзамена по учебному предмету «Английский язык» на 2017—2018 учебный год. Адресуется учащимся 11-х классов, а также учителям и учащимся гимназий и лицеев.

Each type of housing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Living in a detached house gives you privacy but all repairs in the house should be made by the owner, you need more time to clean the house. To my mind those people, who prefer to live in a cottage adore nature: they want to wake up to songs of birds, to enjoy beautiful landscapes, to breathe fresh air or in other words they want to have a calm and measured rhythm of life. Usually such people keep the poultry and the cattle. One of the advantages of living in such a house is that you have your own land where you can grow fruit and vegetables, make flowerbeds and plant beautiful flowers, lay out an orchard, etc. You can also build some outhouses like a green-house, a garage, a tool shed or an arbor. But the greatest disadvantage of living in a farmhouse or in a cottage, in my opinion, is that it takes much time to get to the nearest town, but if you have a car it isn’t a problem for you. That’s why I think living in a cottage is the best option for farmers and retired people.

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Task 1. Put the parts of this letter in the correct order

A. Anyway, I’ve got to go now. Loads of homework (unfortunately!)

B. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had an argument with your best friend and that you’re not speaking at the moment. Yes, it has happened to me too, and it’s awful, isn’t it?

D. Dear Sally,

E. Write back soon!

F. Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you! Well done on passing your exams!

G. I think you need to ask yourself one question: what’s more important- that argument or your friendship? I remember when I asked myself that it all became clear. I realized my friendship with Chris was far more important. I called him immediately and told him. We became friends again immediately. Maybe you should do the same thing. Let me know what happens! Good luck!

H. 23 Portland Street

Rask 2.   You recently started a new job, and you have decided to write and tell a friend  about it. Write your letter, describing the job and the people you work with.

Who is going to read your letter?      someone you know well     someone you have never met

Why are you writing the letter?        to apply for a new job         to tell someone your news

What will your letter be about?         your new job                     your friend’s new job

Which three points below would you not include in the letter? Put a cross (

. short forms . informal vocabulary        formal, polite expressions

KEY: 1-A, 2-B, 3-A, 4- X description of yourself, .where you went last night, .news about your holiday,

You have decided to hold a party at your house on New Year’s Eve. Write a letter to a   friend who lives in another town, inviting him/her to your party and telling him/her what you have planned for the occasion.

1    What style would you use for this letter?

2    Who is going to read it?

3    Why are you writing the letter?

4    Which two points below are main topics that you might include in your letter?

5.  If you were holding a party, what plans/preparations would you make? Use these headings to help you.

• food& drink

Key: 1-informal, 2-someone you know well, 3-to invite someone to a party, 4-the reason you are writing, plans and preparations for the party

Task 4. Read the sentences and decide which are from introductions and which are from conclusions.

Key: 1-C, 2-I, 3-C, 4-C, 5-I, 6-I

Task 5. Read the short letter of invitation and correct the mistakes in bold.

to invite you to our cottage near Wynton for the first weekend  June, when Wynton has its annual fair. always great fun, and I’m sure you  enjoy it.    The fair takes place the Saturday, with    a flower show, a funfair and lots of      things, and there is  a big dance

The next day Barry and I going to  have a barbecue if the weather  fine.  Most of our have been invited, so  you’ll meet some interesting people.

Please let us know if you can make it. Looking forward to seeing you.

Lots of love,

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учебник по английскому языку :: английский язык :: Казючиц :: 11 класс